The Whaplode Parochial Charities which incorporates the Tashes Almshouse Charity, is managed by three Trustees and a Clerk under the chairmanship of Mr David Dougill.

Mrs Muriel Smith and Mrs Sue Carter have spent the past six weeks in temporary accommodation whilst their Almshouse  Bungalows have undergone a complete refurbishment.

Mr Des Ford of D. Brown Builders of Moulton Seas End pictured presenting both ladies with a bouquet in celebration of them returning to their “NEW HOME”.

When the recently appointed Clerk, Mr Keith Savage took over his post in  he faced two important tasks:  firstly to appoint two new Trustees for the Whaplode Parochial Charity (which incorporates Tashes Almshouses Charity) the Trustees of long standing, Mr Stan Hoyse and Rev Morrison chose to retire leaving only one remaining, Mr David Dougill).    The Rev. Julie Timmings and Mr Bob Merchant were duly appointed.    The second task was to decide upon how best to effect various and many repairs that were necessary.        Keith called on the services of Mr Stephen Knipe, Clerk to the Spalding Husbands Charity and an executive of the National Association of Almshouses for advice and an inspection was made.   Mr Merchant was then asked to draw up plans that would involve a complete makeover to incorporate the repairs that were necessary.    Tenders were sought and  Messrs D.Brown Builders were successful in providing the best quotation for the works.    One serious obstacle remained.    The Charity had very little funds available.    Through the services of Mr Knipe, an application was made to the Almshouses Association and grants and loans were made available, thus enabling the works to proceed.

Today, sees the fruition of the project and the residents are over the moon with the standard of workmanship to their homes which incorporated a bathroom converted to a wet room, all steps eliminated, laying of new footpaths, full gas central heating, enlarged kitchen with modern units, UVPC doors and windows , etc. all conforming to legal requirements.

Des Ford of D Brown Building Contractors Limited added “it was good to work with a local charity and thanks to our specialist supply chain we managed to provide some of the works free of charge thus ensuring the project finished both on time and within the very tight budgetary restraints”. “We hope that both of the residents enjoy the experience of living in their fully modernised homes.”